Welcome to WIM Peak studio

We turn ideas into profitable companies with the power of community.

WIM Peak is the first decentralized startup studio, and it’s created by WIM.
It is a program designed by WIM community to select the best ideas in web3 field and turn them into profitable and scalable businesses.

Any Maker from anywhere regardless of their background can contribute to WIM Peaks’ incubated projects. Pure Web3 spirit.

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How is the selection process

  • Fill out the application form

    Submit your idea your
    through the application

  • selection process

    At 30th November
    3 ideas will be selected for more in-depth exploration. We will set up a series of meetings and our team work with you on some very short projects to explore the visibility of working together.

  • incorporation to Wim Studio

    At 6th of January
    the most promising idea
    will be selected and integrated into WIM peak studio.

  • launch

    from 6th of January until 30th April
    All Web3 Island Makers will
    focus on
    turn this idea into
    a profitable
    and scalable business

Decentrlized collaboration

Our way of working and building the ideas is in a decentralized way which means more collaboration, transparency, openness, and less hierarchy during the whole process because we believe this will create an excellent environment for everyone to learn and grow and give equal opportunity.

We are waiting for your exciting, game-changing web3 ideas

To submit your idea click on apply and fill out the form.

submit an idea

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