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And also we chill, party, surf, explore and have fun!

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Making Canaries the epicenter of web3 technology

We are web3 island makers, the first decentralized autonomous organisation of Web3 entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, marketers, product managers, building the future of Internet.

And we decided to do it from Tenerife because it’s awesome. 

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What do we do exactly?

  • 1. We scout for projects, companies, universities or public institutions in need for Web3 expertise
  • 2. We gather skillfull makers of the community in a taskforce 
  • 3. We solve problems

We are passionate about Web3. Everyone with their expertise.

We focus every day on building the most exciting and powerful entrepreneurship ecosystem for Web3, structured as a DAO that is rewarding, fair and creative.

The event you don’t want to miss

Web3 Con Canarias

The first conference for Web3 Entrepreneurship in Canarias

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Real events, with a real physical community

Come and meet friends from the same tech environments. 
Share your best practices.
Build projects together. 

What do they say?
It’s all about the people“…

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What we do:

Past events 📅

WIMeet#5 – Metaverse unlocked: industry challenges and opportunities in 2023

Passed – 2022.02.02

WIMeet#4 – Crypt’Open Mic

Passed – 2022.12.01

 Link to the event: Meetup.com

WIMeet#3- ReFi: Web3 For Good

Passed – 2022.10.06

Link to the event: Meetup.com

Speaker: Alex de Vries, Founder @ Digiconomist

WIMeet#2 – DeFi: Going Bankless

Passed – 2022.09.08


  • Mattia Papa, Digital Marketer, Co-founder @ WIM3
  • Andrea Silvi, Co-founder & CTO @ HUDI
  • Steve Mariani, Founder @ Infinix, Shaper @ WIM3 

WIMeet#1 – Web3 in the Music Industry

Passed – 2022.08.12


  • Tristan Bochu, Product Manager @ Bolero Music, Co-founder @ Wooky.app, Shaper @ WIM3
  • Steve Mariani, Founder @ AMY Music DAO, Shaper @ WIM3 

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